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how to create perfect match making profile


It is important to give a good first impression when you are looking for a partner. New users should have a look at our guidelines before creating a profile and existing members, who have not had much success in finding a spouse, should amend their profiles after they are done reading.shadi5

‘About Me’

Your success in finding the right match depends on how you express yourself. In this section, write down your educational and professional background. Then add a little detail about your family background along with your hobbies, likes and dislikes, religious beliefs, food habits, values, and your priorities in life. Don’t write phrases like ‘talk to me and find out’ or ‘will tell you later’ because the success rate of such profiles is very low. Also, there’s no need to say that you’re ‘smart, hot, fair, good looking’ because people can judge that for themselves by looking at your picture. Please be straightforward and to the point.

‘About Partner’

Write down what kind of family, religious and social background you want your partner to be from. Then state your preference for their educational and professional life. For best results, don’t be too specific about what kind of spouse you want. For example, don’t write things like ‘long hair’ or ‘5 feet 6 inches tall’. Your right match may ignore your profile just because they may not have one or two of the qualities you have mentioned. Also, avoid using this phrase, ‘I want a rich guy/girl’. Whoever reads your profile will think that you are a greedy and materialistic person. You can always ask them how much they earn once you start talking.

Profile Picture

Uploading a good profile picture is very important. Make sure the picture quality is very high and that it is a photo of you alone. Don’t upload a group photo, side profile or one in which you are standing too far away to be clearly visible. Most importantly, please upload your original and current photo. Be natural in your photos and smile! Profiles with blurry images, pictures of celebrities and of random objects or places will NOT be approved. Same goes for offensive, racist and pornographic pictures.

No Errors

It important that you read your profile carefully before saving it. You should ask a family member or friend to help you create a good profile that others will find interesting. Make sure that your profile does not have any spelling or grammatical errors. Also, avoid using chat language. A profile which is full of errors will leave a very bad impression on others and they may turn you down without bothering to know you first.

Avoid Using These Words

Don’t use words like ‘cool’, ‘hot’ ‘sexy’, ‘rich’, etc. Saying things like ‘I’m a cool guy’ will only give others the impression that you are immature. Same goes for phrases like ‘I want a hot/sexy girl’. Also, phrases like ‘looking for my dream girl’ or ‘prince charming’ don’t really tell others what kind of girl or boy you want. Marriage is serious business and anyone reading your profile will think you are not serious about it. Also, refrain from writing something that might offend others, such as, a racial comment. Try to be respectful.

Be Honest

Honesty is essential for a good marital relationship. Please be honest about yourself, your education and career, your income, marital status and any children you may have from an earlier marriage. There is no use in trying to deceive anyone because these things will come out in the open once you meet your prospective spouse. Also, make sure that you have added all the important information about yourself, because a complete profile has a lot more chances of receiving interests.

Contact Details

Do NOT display your contact information on your profile or use the space for commercial purposes. All such profiles will be deleted. In the end, it is important that you don’t leave any section empty. The more information you add, the more your chances of finding a partner!

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